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  • Castelnaud La Chapelle

    Built as a medieval fortress and most definitely used for purposes of war, especially during the 100 Years War period (1337-1453) where it passed back and forth between English and French ownership multiple times. When the war ended the Caumont family (see Chateau Milandes) regained ownership of it right up until 1779 when the French revolution resulted in it being re-distributed as a national building with the proceeds going to the Republic of France, after which it was used as a quarry before

    Castelnaud La Chapelle
  • Chateau Milandes

    Chateau Milandes can be found nestling on the banks of the river Dordogne and is one of the most accessible, and interesting, chateaux of the region. 

    TEST 5
  • Highlighting our holiday rentals which sleep 5 people or more.

    We know the importance of well earned family holidays, so here at Voila Villas Dordogne we've put a list of our family friendly holiday homes together to try and make your decision a little easier when looking for your next holiday in Dordogne.

  • Year Two Begins

    Arriving home to Badefols-d'Ans in late January after our first holiday was met with a thump! Guest arrivals and jobs were backed up and we couldn't find enough hours in our day. 'Quiet life' we thought as our brains were lost in the bars and restaurants of Edinburgh and on the beaches of Cornwall.

    Slowly boxes began to get ticked off and after a busy month there was light at the end of the tunnel. We can slowly retract back to our 'quiet life' for a period of time!

    Badefols  - View of the Chateau and Church from the Lavoir.
  • In with the new.

    Since our last newsletter we’ve had visitors and paying guests stay. At this time of the year paying guests are somewhat unexpected, a positive bonus, long may this continue.

    Joli Canard
  • This is a simple service that we offer to you as a way of looking after your holiday home/second home. We are a small local, experienced team who will care for your home throughout the year and provide you with the piece of mind that you need allowing you to have a worry free investment.

  • Settling In

    Having been here in the Dordogne for just under a month. Today we took time to recap on all we've achieved so far and thought we would share.

  • Route de la Noix

    Route de la noix
  • And so it begins...

    This was a lifestyle choice for us, we both had good jobs and a beautiful home and enjoyed our holidays as much as anyone but we kept coming back to the same familiar dilemma of how to achieve a better work/life balance.

    Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 17.47.06
  • Dog Friendly

    We love this time of the year as it means it's time to plan our summer holiday, and if like us you like to have something to look forward to, booking in January is the way forward. This way you have the pick of the bunch and you can find the prettiest properties in the most perfect of locations.

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