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With 1000s of kms of cycle routes to choose from, cycling is one of the best ways to explore the Dordogne region.

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Cycling in the Dordogne

France provides excellent terrain for all cyclists. More specifically the roads in/around North Dordogne are mostly quiet and there is a good variation of terrain which can suit all skill levels nicely.

You can plan your route to be as challenging as you wish, however as a rule if you stick to around 30km per day, you will not find yourself too exhausted. The great thing about cycling in the Dordogne is that the distances between towns and villages are relatively short, offering lots of places to break and enjoy the view along the way. A visitor favourite is to visit the many hilltop villages to admire the views, do bear in mind that to reach these locations, you must be able to navigate what can be a sometimes a steep climb at times. Remember to take some water with you!!


If you would rather be safe in the knowledge of the experts, there are tailor made tours and arranged routes which can be organised prior to your stay in the Dordogne, there are many companies offering group trips online, the tourist offices can also help you find something to suit.





  • Summer heat is one of the cyclists biggest problems, remember to take  WATER on any journey no matter the distance!
  • Temperatures can also drop and conditions can change rapidly so remember to pack a LIGHTWEIGHT WATERPROOF  just incase.
  • SUNSCREEN, you will burn! N.B the backs of your hands too!
  • BASIC REPAIR KIT for those inconvenient punctures
  • Emergencies do happen, so please remember a MOBILE PHONE. It might also be a good idea to write important numbers down incase of lack of signal.
  • Most local shops will be happy to assist you with any minor simple repairs if you need help
  • Off-season months from October to May are probably the best for cycling - lower temperatures & quieter roads although it can get cold during the winter.
  • Before setting off! You should also make sure that your bike is in good working order, checking tyres and brakes.
  • You will meet oncoming cars and frequently cyclists coming the other way who may not be tucked into the right-hand side of the road (yes the right-hand side!) as much as they should. Having said that, car drivers (the French ones at any rate) will be considerate to fellow road users especially the two-wheeled variety. 
  • And finally - know your route! Although signposted and relatively easy to follow, it would be worth consulting a map and if not carrying it with you on the ride then at least make some notes as a reminder to use on your intended route. Mobile phone signal will not be strong everywhere. 

"Summer heat is one of the cyclists biggest problems, remember to take WATER on any journey no matter the distance!"

CYCLE - Chateaux and beautiful countryside
Chateaux and beautiful countryside
CYCLE5 - Dordogne valley and the Sarlat area
Dordogne valley and the Sarlat area

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